Choosing the right bin is a real problem when you have thousand bins lying in your work area and you need to pick your component


Manufacturing business with plastic bins over 20000 in numbers per plant customized to 50 different products. This case of Asset Tracking needs the right bin for right product else shipment, damage and manufacturing delay issues crop up resulting in 7 to 10% revenue impact.


  • Noisy floor – over come by customizing signal strength and reception power
  • Bin placement blocking tag visibility – overcome by four side color coding based on product name
  • Data handling and accuracy – overcome using advance ML and AI proprietary algorithms


  • Smart Bins with BLE tags which can be tracked
  • Relays to across the board to capture location data
  • Gateways transmitting the information to MQTT and App Server in the cloud
  • Television screen with floor map for bin search and spot location tracking

Asset Management Case Study


  • Saving of valuable production time wasted earlier in manual bin searching
  • On the spot location search of bins based on product name with numbers found and missing – Helping the production team to collect necessary bins on time
  • Revenue savings
  • Ability to scale – helping increase in revenue by additional 50%
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